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DESKTOP GRABBER – программное обеспечение для осуществления трансляции контента с рабочего стола WINDOWS. Наиболее популярным контентом для вещания являются видеоматериалы YouTube, WindowsMediaPlayer, информация с веб-сайтов, входящих звонков Skype, веб-камер, PDF документов, данных c Google Maps, потокового вещания и много другого.

Software license Desktop Grabber for SDI SD/HD cards. Suitable for Youtube, Skype, video files, webcams and images.DESKTOP GRABBER is the software designed to air areas and contents from Windows desktop. It grabs selectable portions of the desktop to broadcast their contents.Most popular contents are those from Youtube videos, Windows Media Player, web sites, incoming calls from Skype, web cams, PDF, Google Maps, live streaming and many others.- Grab desktop and incoming video calls from any PC or mobile device- Skype®, MSN® and Yahoo® Messenger compatible and others- Broadcast quality Composite/SDI output- Internal DVE with 2D/3D effects- CG Titling with animated backgrounds, crawls, rolls, lower-thirds and frames- DVD artwork library available
APPLICATIONS:programs with incoming video calls from audience, reports from disaster zones and war areas also international, live reports for newscasts such as breaking news, video feeds, etc. The system runs with BlackMagic video cards allowing analog and digital audio and video output for broadcast quality SD/HD signal. Grabbed video can be scaled with internal DVE featuring 2D and 3D zoom effects with colored video border. PiP effects hides video artifacts in case of pour quality connection. DESKTOP GRABBER includes CG Composer, an advanced graphics character generator to add titles, clocks, logos, with static and animated background, lower-thirds, frames and foreground objects.
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